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200Gb/s WDM Optical Transceiver Chip Modules with RF Transmission, Quadrature Modulation and Fail-Safe Capabilities, Phase I

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Project Introduction

There have been significant interests from NASA in integrated optical transceiver chips for space optical communications, in particular space-qualifiable 1550nm laser transmitter and receiver with optoelectronic laser, modulator, and detector, that are capable of data rates from 1Gb/sec to 200Gb/sec. The power efficiency shall be better than 10W per Gb/sec and weight less than 100g per Gb/sec. In addition, hybrid RF-optical technologies are sought, and technology based on integrated photonic circuit solution is strongly desired.Operational range of -20° C to +50° C unpowered temperature cycling from -40° C to +40° C are also desired.To address the above mentioned interests, our proposed works will focus on realizing 100-200Gb/sec high-data-rate Wavelength-Division-Multiplexed (WDM) photonic transceiver module with the capability to transmit RF signals on optical beam as well that will be able to meet the above NASA requirements, based on a few key technologies we have developed including: (a) WDM Laser Transmitter with Concurrent Wavelength Locking Capability;(b) Ultra-Compact Wavelength Mux/DeMux; (c) Integrated Narrow Linewidth Laser;(d) Integrated 20-40Gb/sec High-Speed Electro-Optic Modulator with Low-Voltage Capability; (e) Polarization-Insensitive Multi-Mode-Fiber-Capable Integrated 100-200Gb/sec WDM Optical Receiver with Fail-Safe Wavelength and Power Recovery Capabilities; (f) Ruggedized Wide-Temperature-Range Chip Packaging Module. More »

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