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Adaptable Multi-Segment Altitude Control (AM-SAC) Balloon for Planetary Exploration, Phase I

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Project Introduction

Thin Red Line USA (TRL-USA) proposes a unique, multi-segment balloon with low-power, rapid mobility altitude control cycling capability that is applicable to both Venus and Titan atmospheric exploration missions as well as other planetary bodies. The innovation creates a single architecture that allows reliable, low power, virtually unlimited altitude cycling capability; overcoming the pitfalls of all other known options for lighter-than-atmosphere exploration at both Venus and Titan. The Phase I effort lays a strong foundation for a Phase II effort that will include the construction and demonstration of an at-scale system using materials suitable for a Venus or Titan mission. The proposed innovation and following Phase II work can, in just 2 years, enable a viable Venus or Titan exploration mission with a low risk LTA system. More »

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