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Innoflight Middleware System (IMS)

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Innoflight Middleware System (IMS), Phase I
Space missions can benefit greatly from the use of the latest COTS processing technology in order to allow spacecraft to perform more onboard computation using less power. This trend has accelerated in recent years due to the explosion of low-power commercial processing technology driven by mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Many of these advanced devices contain multiple processing cores, and some are full System-on-Chip (SoC) parts that include GPU processor arrays or FPGA fabric. However, while these COTS multi-core processors have tremendous capability, they are not designed to be tolerant to the radiation effects that are experienced in the space environment. One approach to increasing the reliability of COTS processors in space is to implement redundancy within the software framework. With this technique, the multiple cores in a processing device and even multiple independent computers can be operated in any combination of parallel processing (for enhanced performance) and redundantly (for enhanced reliability). For this proposed project, we plan to develop the Innoflight Middleware System (IMS) in order to provide this capability. More »

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