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Advanced X-ray Telescope Material System

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Advanced X-ray Telescope Material System, Phase I
Peregrine proposes the combination and use of of Be-38Al, electroless nickel plating, and single point diamond turning to create precision x-ray grazing optical surfaces. Large x-ray telescopes will demand large, high stiffness, and lightweight substrates to provide rigidity to support the production of nested optical surfaces while requiring accurate alignment through the use of stable support structures. Ideally, these nested x-ray mirrors would be of heavy metal, microns in thickness and be self-supporting through launch, this is currently impractical. However, near ideal x-ray optics can be produced with the low density material of Be-38Al backing a thin layer of electroless nickel with precision single point diamond turned surfaces. The use of Be-38Al can yield lightweight, precise, and stable substrates. Coefficient of thermal expansion matching electroless nickel can be deposited thinly on top of the Be-38Al substrates, and then single point diamond turned to optical finishes. In addition, Be-38Al is a proven structural material that can be readily fabricated into precision members to create support structures to align and create entire large, athermal x-ray telescopes. More »

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