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Compact Wireless EVA Communications System (CWECS)

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Extravehicular Activity (EVA) systems are critical to every foreseeable human exploration mission for in-space microgravity EVA and for planetary surface exploration. Innoflight proposes developing a Compact Wireless EVA Communications System (CWECS) as a replacement and advancement of the Space-to-Space EVA Mobility Unit (EMU) Radio (SSER). The CWECS goals are to: (a) provide backward-compatibility with the existing SSCS network and SSER; (b) provide enhanced communication between the EMU and space vehicle (or ISS or future space habitat) via 802.11n, including high-speed telemetry from the EMU to the spacecraft; and (c) provide body area network (BAN) coverage for wireless biomedical devices and sensors within the EMU. The Phase II will leverage Innoflight�s DeSCReeT IF-SDR architecture, which uses cutting edge radiation-tolerant components as the foundation of a software-defined radio (SDR), and transform it into an integrated unit supporting SSCS, 802.11n and BAN. The end result of the Phase II will be a brass-board CWECS that demonstrates compatibility with the selected waveforms. More »

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