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SpaceDoc-Intelligent Health Management System for Astronauts

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SpaceDoc-Intelligent Health Management System for Astronauts
Crew health and performance are critical to successful space explorations. However, long duration missions present numerous risks to crew health and performance. Human exploration missions beyond low earth orbit (LEO) will present additional challenges. These missions will require technology solutions for crew health care to address physiological, psychological, performance, and other needs in-situ, e.g., self-sufficiency, since real-time medical support from the earth, and emergency evacuation will not be available. Onboard personal health-tracking tools for health monitoring, health risk assessment and management will be needed for the crews in order to predict his/her future health conditions. Therefore, missions beyond LEO will require a new generation of capabilities and systems, which will be built upon existing capabilities and incorporate technologies yet to be developed. Lynntech proposes image-based photoplethysmography, in combination with, smart machine-learning algorithms which will primarily utilize onboard high-quality video cameras. The proposed system will: (1) constantly monitor vital physiological signs data, (2) ensure their acceptability, (3) identify their unusual or abnormal patterns, (4) perform diagnosis and prognosis, as well as, (5) provide necessary risk mitigation and medical intervention options to maintain crew performance optimal and sustained throughout the mission. More »

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