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Embedded Multifunctional Optical Sensor System

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Physical Optics Corporation (POC) proposes to continue the development of a novel Embedded Multifunctional Optical Sensor (EMOS) System. The EMOS addresses NASA�s need for in situ sensor systems for use on rigid and/or flexible ablative thermal protection system (TPS) materials to measure multiple TPS structural, aerothermal, and aerodynamic response parameters including temperature, heat flux, and pressure. EMOS is based on use of novel materials for high-temperature operation and uniquely designed fiber optic microsensors. The EMOS system is capable of simultaneously measuring multiple TPS response parameters (e.g., pressure, temperature, and heat flux) using a suite of miniature (diameter 1500 degrees C and measurement errors within 0.4% for temperature sensors, 0.2% for pressure sensors, and 20% for heat flux measurement. The outcome of the Phase I EMOS program was the successful feasibility demonstration of the proposed EMOS technology, capable of operating at temperatures at >1500 degrees C. At the end of Phase II, POC will perform a technology readiness level (TRL)-6 demonstration of the EMOS at POC or at NASA facilities, and will deliver to NASA a fully operational EMOS system prototype. More »

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