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MOJO-Micro: Multi-Orthogonal Jaunting rObot in Microgravity

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MOJO-Micro: Multi-Orthogonal Jaunting rObot in Microgravity
MOJO: The Multi-Orthogonal Jaunting rObot, is a robotic system specifically designed to traverse and inspect a 3D reversibly-assembled discrete lattice structure. The robot is optimized to operate within a periodic lattice structure, enabling simplification over current state of the art structure-traversing robots. The parabolic flights will assess the impact that microgravity has on the energy consumption, reliability, and maximum traversal speed of the robot, and explore what specific adaptations can be made to the robot that improve its performance in this environment. The project will contribute to the automated assembly of large space structure, a key milestone in NASA’s roadmap for space technology, enabling lightweight, multifunctional materials whose final size can far exceed the envelope of the launch vehicle in which it was launched.
NASA GCD Automated Reconfigurable Mission Adaptive Digital Assembly Systems (ARMADAS)

U.S. Patent (2019): Mobile Robot for Locomotion Through a 3-D Periodic Lattice Environment
Paper (2017): A Mobile Robot for Locomotion through a 3D Periodic Lattice Environment More »

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