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Microgravity Testing of CSSR Sample Verification System

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Microgravity Testing of CSSR Sample Verification System
The 2013-2022 Decadal Survey recommended a medium-class Comet Surface Sample Return (CSSR) mission. One of the science objectives of this mission is to ”Acquire and return to Earth for laboratory analysis a macroscopic (≥500 cm3) comet nucleus surface sample”. JPL has been developing the BiBlade sampler chain and fiberscope-based sample verification system for the CSSR mission. The fiberscope sample imaging (FiSI) system is based on nine bundled imaging fiberscopes observing an acquired comet sample soon after the comet sample acquisition. If the sample quantity is not sufficient, the sample acquisition will be re-attempted – multiple times if necessary – until baseline sample quantity is confirmed. This will maximize potential science outcome of the mission.

Development and Validation of Fiberscope Sample Imaging System for In-situ Sample Assessment. More »

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