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Fiber Optic Pressure Sensor Array

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Fiber Optic Pressure Sensor Array
VIP Sensors proposes to develop a Fiber Optic Pressure Sensor Array for measuring air flow pressure at multiple points on the skin of aircrafts for Flight Load Test applications. The array consists of multiple micro-miniature optical MEMS pressure sensors interconnected by a common optic fiber to an interrogation system located inside the airplane. The proposed optical pressure sensors are essentially flat, light weight, fully passive (no electrical power), and EMI/RFI immune, they exhibit superior performance regarding accuracy, dynamic range and noise. They are inherently self identifiable; the interrogation system knows what data belongs to what sensor. The proposed sensor array technology is applicable to different types of optical sensors (accelerometers, strain, temperature, etc). Each sensor in the array is designed to work at preset optical wavelengths; they are read by the interrogation system using Wave Division and/or Time Division Multiplexing. Testing of aircrafts requires a large numbers of sensors. Each sensor needs four to six wires to interconnect to signal conditioners. For large measuring systems, this means very large numbers of wires that add weight and occupy space. The proposed FO sensor array system not only has the potential to significantly improve pressure measurements for Flight Load Testing, but its novel technology of micro-miniature networking sensors will benefit many other aircraft ground and flight testing applications. More »

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