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Physics-based Modeling of Foreign Object Damage in Ceramic Matrix Composites

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Physics-based Modeling of Foreign Object Damage in Ceramic Matrix Composites
In this Phase I SBIR, Firehole Technologies will develop proof-of-concept modeling framework for a multiscale physics-based modeling tool for predicting foreign object damage in ceramic matrix composites (CMCs). We will accomplish this by adapting the core technology, multicontinuum theory (MCT), from our existing industry-leading software analysis tool, Helius:MCT, to the problem of impact damage in CMCs. Our approach will involve modeling the composite at three levels: constituent level (fiber, matrix, interphase), mesostructure-level (fiber tow architecture), and macrostructure level (impact test of a multi-ply laminate). The mesostructure and macrostructure will be modeled using an explicit finite element analysis code. The constituent level modeling will be carried out using MCT, which permits constituent stresses and strains to be exactly determined from composite-average strain. The objective of the Phase I effort is to develop the modeling framework and compare predicted results with published experimental results. In-depth study of ceramic physics, development of an experimental validation program, and commercialization of the software would be part of a Phase I effort. More »

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