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Universal Sample Preparation Module for Molecular Analysis in Space

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Universal Sample Preparation Module for Molecular Analysis in Space
Lynntech proposes to develop and demonstrate the ability of a compact, light-weight, and automated universal sample preparation module (USPM) to process samples from various sample matrices (blood, swab, etc) to yield high quality nucleic acids for downstream molecular detection and identification. This unit allows previously complicated, labor-intensive, and time consuming processes to be carryout by a turn-key and closed system. Current utilization of biological testing in the ISS is limited by available upmass, downmass, and crew time as well as by the capabilities of the interfaces and hardware already developed. Our proposed sample preparation module can play a major role in achieving the reality of on-orbit molecular analysis techniques (gene array test, DNA analysis, DNA storage) that would extend and enable additional research and development activities in space, including the ISS. This will enable near real-time space research studies such as space radiation exposure and enhanced pathogen (bacterial, fungal, viral) virulence in micro-gravity, to be performed without having to store and bring the samples back to earth for complete analysis. More »

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