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Mars 2024 Pathfinder Mission Integrated Field Test

Completed Technology Project

Project Description

Mars 2024 Pathfinder Mission Integrated Field Test

Description of the Technology:

The purpose of this project is to test the hardware and software developed and integrated during the FY15 STMD GCD/IR&TD/CTC project called Mars 2024 Pathfinder Mission with complementary systems developed at other centers to produce an integrated system that would use water-containing regolith from a simulated martian planetary surface and carbon dioxide from simulated martian atmosphere to create 0.128 kg oxygen/hr. and 0.032 kg methane/hr. (a 4:1 mass ratio), liquefy the propellants, and use them to power a rocket thruster, thus proving that NASA can successfully produce an In Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU) end-to-end (“Dust-to-Thrust”) system that will influence future Mars ISRU precursor payloads and human systems.

The existing project scope is to complete the design, fabrication and integration of the RASSOR Excavator, the Hopper Lift Regolith Feed System, the Dust Tolerant Automated Umbilical (DTAU), the Mock-Up Regolith Reactor, and the Atmospheric Processing Module (APM), which are the subsystems located at KSC, and integrate them onto the deck of the completed Mars Lander Mock-Up at KSC.


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