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Nondestructive Evaluation Program

X-ray Computed Tomography Image Quality Indicator (IQI) Development (CT IQI)

Completed Technology Project

Project Description

xCT image of Pyramidal External Line Pair IQI.  Internal pocket will incorporate penetrameter discs for contrast sensitivity measurement.

The intent of this project is to identify suitable x-ray Computed Tomography (CT) Image Quality Indicator (IQI) designs that can be used to adequately capture CT system performance. Customary IQI devices for 2D radiography are typically flat, and since the CT system implements geometric reconstruction using up to 360 degrees of incident angles, flat objects offer an unrealistic basis for a standard (unless the inspected part is of similar geometry). While some CT IQIs are commercially available (most geared for military or medical use), none are widely or universally accepted as standard.  We aim to develop radially-symmetric IQIs, more consistent with NASA-related materials and inspection methods, that serve multiple purposes related to system performance evaluation.


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