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High Performing PFPE Nanofluid Lubricants

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High Performing PFPE Nanofluid Lubricants
Space missions could benefit from improved lubricant technology. PSI intends to develop novel liquid lubricant formulations which are applicable for future NASA missions. Our concept is based upon use of nanofluid technology whereby stable, colloidal suspensions of additives are present in perfluoropolyalkylether (PFPE) base fluids. The additives will become sheared within minute scratches and grooves while separating surface asperities. At the conclusion of Phase I, we will have prepared ~ 10 nm diameter additives with ~ 115 m2/g and ~ 80 m2/g gravimetric surface areas, respectively. Their surface will have been chemically modified and shown stable from -65oC to +65oC. A 50% reduction in friction and wear at steel surfaces upon dispersion of the additive to PFPE will have been demonstrated. PSI will have shown that the viscosity of Uniflor 8960 PFPE is maintained at 60 cSt ± 5% upon formulation with the additive. PSI will have demonstrated that the particles maintain an average particle size of ~ 10 nm within PFPE, and would have settling times > 5 years. The TRL at the beginning of the Phase I contract will be at 2, while the TRL at the completion of the Phase I contract will be at 3-4. More »

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