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Advanced Cookware and Techniques for Food Preparation at Reduced Pressure and Gravity

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Advanced Cookware and Techniques for Food Preparation at Reduced Pressure and Gravity
We propose to develop detailed design requirements for adapting COTS cooking appliances for meal preparation under Lunar 8 psia ambient conditions, and to produce one or more prototype devices required for a Lunar galley by modifying commercial off the shelf consumer kitchen appliances to hold Earth ambient pressure safely in an oxygen-enriched, 8 psi space habitat. The modified devices will be use-tested to determine labor requirements for selected food preparation tasks in modified vs. unmodified equipment. Finally, foods prepared at earth ambient pressure and 8 psi ambient pressure in the same equipment will be sensory tested to elucidate differences in flavor, texture, and overall acceptability. The proof-of-concept prototypes produced in this project will be suitable for testing food preparation in lunar habitat analogues. They will be designed for use under positive, zero or negative pressure to serve multiple research purposes, including preparation of foods under 8 psi ambient pressure, and fire safety testing in the habitat atmosphere. More »

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