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Integrated Composite Structure for EDL Application

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Integrated Composite Structure for EDL Application
NASA has defined a need for higher performance ablative Thermal Protection System (TPS) materials for future exploration of our solar system's inner and outer planets than is currently available. Of particular interest are: 1) Materials with performance analogous to fully dense, heritage rayon-based carbon phenolic ; 2) Mid-density ablative systems ; and 3) Highly insulative, low-density materials. New Frontiers, Mars Sample Return (MSR), and Mars Entry, Descent & Landing (Mars EDL) are all potential missions for these new and/or enhanced TPS materials, but the general desire is that these TPS be tunable for cross-cutting mission applications. In addition to improved TPS performance, NASA would benefit from a TPS integrated with the sub-structure thereby improving thermal efficiency, insulation performance, system thermal-structural performance, and system integrity with the goal of achieving increased system reliability, reduced areal mass, and/or decreased costs over the current state-of-the-art (SOTA).FMI proposes developing its multi-layered, graded, hybrid ICS system for application to NASA missions. The system is comprised of distinct material layers encompassing different fillers or reinforcements, but maintaining the same resin so the materials are compatible for co-curing to yield a continuous rigid heatshield and sub-structure (ICS). More »

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