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High-Performance Elastically Self-Deployed Roll-Out Solar Array (ROSA), Phase II

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High-Performance Elastically Self-Deployed Roll-Out Solar Array (ROSA), Phase II
Deployable Space Systems (DSS) has developed an ultra-lightweight elastically self-deployable roll-out solar array (ROSA) structural platform that when combined with ultra-thin 33% IMM PV or 29.5% standard ZTJ PV solar-cell flexible blanket technologies can produce a near-term and low-risk solar array system that provides revolutionary performance in terms of high specific power (>500 W/kg BOL with IMM & >225 W/kg with ZTJ), lightweight, high deployed stiffness, high deployed strength, compact stowage volume (>50 kW/m3 BOL), reliability, affordability, and rapid commercial readiness. ROSA's predicted performance metrics are incredible improvements over current state-of-the-art, and in many cases are mission-enabling for future applications. The ROSA technology innovation is applicable to practically all NASA and non-NASA missions as a direct replacement for current solar array technologies. The proposed Phase 2 program has been uniquely structured to methodically develop a feasible scaled-up ROSA solar array system specifically configured for NASA's Outer-Planets mission applications, collaboratively with all the technology stakeholders, and increase technology readiness to TRL 5/6. The successful completion of the proposed program will rapidly ready the mission-enabling ROSA solar array technology for commercial infusion into future programs. More »

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