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Individualized Behavioral Health Monitoring Tool

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Individualized Behavioral Health Monitoring Tool
Given the extended duration of future missions and the isolated, extreme and confined environments, there is the possibility that behavioral conditions and mental disorders (DSM-IV-TR) will develop. The overarching goal of this project is to deliver an Individualized Behavioral Health Monitoring Tool that unobtrusively integrates all available behavioral measures collected during a mission to provide a dashboard of behavioral health indicators. These indicators will be placed within the context of quantitatively-tracked mission stressors to provide meaningful feedback to astronauts, and possibly the Operational Psychology Group and Flight Surgeons responsible for behavioral health support. The result of this project through Phase II will be a system prototype that can be deployed in space analog environments for validation testing and ultimately deployed on ISS and lunar missions. The critical need for an Individualized Behavioral Health Monitoring Tool has been identified as a priority outlined in the BHP Integrated Research Plan (July 2009) gap BMED3. During Phase I, we will perform an assessment of behavioral health monitoring technologies and develop an engineering requirements document and detailed technical plans to implement during Phase II (Phase I TRL of 3). More »

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