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Flash3D EDL Sensor Technology Advancement

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Flash3D EDL Sensor Technology Advancement
3D Flash LIDAR is ideal for determining real-time spacecraft trajectory, speed, orientation, and range to the planet surface, as well as evaluating potential hazards at the landing site. The "framing camera" nature, of 3D Flash LIDAR systems, makes them well suited as hazard avoidance sensors for EDL. The Phase II effort seeks to improve the range precision of the existing TigerEyeTM 3D Flash LIDAR system, and do so over a much wider signal dynamic range. A range capability of 1- 10,000 meter is feasible. This effort will demonstrate the capability by producing an advanced sensor module incorporating newer detectors and other system advancements. This advanced sensor module will be installed on NASA JPL's 3D Flash LIDAR TigerEyeTM camera system. Advanced Scientific Concepts Inc. (ASC) is a small business, which has developed a number of 3D flash LADAR systems. Flash Ladar sensors are 3D video systems that return range and intensity information for each pixel in real time, and is functionally equivalent to 16000 range finders on one chip. The TigerEyeTM is 1.2kg, 20 Watts, and 10 cm on a side. More »

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