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Highly Efficient and Robust Micropump for Small Spacecraft Thermal Control, Phase I

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Highly Efficient and Robust Micropump for Small Spacecraft Thermal Control, Phase I
With the introduction of low-cost, small, rapidly configurable spacecraft, the need for robust, versatile, readily deployable, and easily ground-testable thermal control technologies becomes ever more critical. Passive two-phase thermal control technology, that is, heat pipes, defines the current state-of-the-art, yet it is clear that this technology alone will not meet the needs of future spacecraft. Dramatic improvements in the versatility and effectiveness of heat pipes are possible with a small amount of mechanical pumping assistance. With the separation of the liquid pumping and heat transfer functions, greater design freedom and system optimization is also afforded. However, before pump-assisted heat pipes can become a viable alternative, significant improvement in pump lifetime and robustness is needed. Lynntech proposes to develop a long-life, robust, low-power, high pressure-rise, electrochemically-driven micropump for use in pump-assisted heat pipes. More »

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