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Slot Coupled Patch Array Antenna Technology, Phase I

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Slot Coupled Patch Array Antenna Technology, Phase I
The proposed project is an antenna array whose beam is controlled digitally. The Phase 1 effort will assess the method needed to achieve the gain, bandwidth, and pattern (3 dB beam-width and scan field of view). This is based on the level of curvature and interference/geometry of the vehicle on which it is to be mounted. Phase 1 focuses on the fabrication and testing of one element and a sub-array of four elements on a similar surface such as a metallic or dielectric with some degree of curvature. Phase 1 also uses the LMS algorithm to adaptively perform beam shifting and correction for phase shift. Phase 2 will increase the number of elements in the array and allow for scanning in both planes. Also, Phase 2 will consider more complicated geometry as required to deliver a functioning antenna array mounted to the space vehicle. More »

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