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Tracking Launch Vehicles in Interference and Jamming, Phase I

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Tracking Launch Vehicles in Interference and Jamming, Phase I
MARK Resources proposes to develop a method for combining a set of distributed FRPAs into a network that provides high GPS anti-jam/interference capability. Like a CRPA, the number of jammers that the proposed system can suppress is one less than the number of elements. In contrast to a CRPA, the individual elements of the proposed system need not be precisely located relative to one another. The proposed system is compatible with any GPS antennas and receiver hardware, operates on the C/A code, and has a small processing load. The suppression of the jammers and interference creates slightly delayed copies of the code from each satellite. Because the delays are known and small, any degradation in the accuracy of derived antenna positions (relative to that without jamming and interference) should also be small, without any consequence on range safety. The proposed program will quantify the accuracy achievable in individual position measurements, and the utility of combining the measured positions of multiple antennas for purposes of antenna pointing, docking maneuvers, and attitude determination. In order to transition the proposed technology to NASA, the DoD, and commercial markets, we plan to team with The Boeing Company in Phase II and beyond. More »

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