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Modular Ultra-High Power Solar Array Architecture

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Modular Ultra-High Power Solar Array Architecture
Deployable Space Systems, Inc. (DSS) will focus the proposed SBIR program on the development of a new highly-modularized and extremely-scalable solar array that provides immense power level range capability from 100kW to many Megawatts in size. The proposed ultra-high power solar array will enable extremely high power spacecraft, space-tug, power station applications, and large-scale Planetary and Lunar surface missions. The proposed technology's broad power level scalability is achieved while still retaining industry leading solar array performance metrics and mission enabling features for lightweight, high performance, compact stowage volume, and affordability. The proposed technology will enable future ultra-high power missions through low cost (25-50% cost savings depending on PV and blanket technology), lightweight, high specific power (>200 W/kg to 500 W/kg BOL at the wing level depending on PV and blanket technology), compact stowage volume (>80 kW/m3 for very large arrays), reliability, platform simplicity, high deployed strength/stiffness (10X stiffer and stronger than rigid panel arrays), radiation hardness, high voltage operation capability, scalability to ultra-high power (100kW to beyond Megawatts), and operability in unique environments (high/low illumination and high/low sun intensity). More »

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