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Sonic Boom Vibro-Acoustic Simulations using Multiple Point Sources, Phase I

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Sonic Boom Vibro-Acoustic Simulations using Multiple Point Sources, Phase I
AVEC proposes an innovative concept for the evaluation of human response studies to sonic booms inside realistic structures. The approach proposed is to simulate the distributed boom load on the structure using an array of discrete forces. The forces are applied sequentially making the approach effective and implementable in real structures. In addition, the method allows evaluating the contribution of individual structural components to the vibro-acoustic responses. The main goal of Phase I is to experimentally demonstrate the approach in a realistic environment. Phase II efforts should involve the experimental validation of the proposed technology in a real house subjected to real sonic booms. Fortunately, this data set exists and corresponds to the latest field test performed by NASA at Edwards Air Force Base (AFB) property. This will imply implementing the proposed method to the same house (preferred) or a similar one and use the outside pressure profile and direction to estimate the same vibro-acoustic responses measured by NASA in 2007. Comparison of the predicted and measured responses will provide the best validation of the approach. In support of this "real" validation of the method, a numerical model to better understand and improve the excitation methods should also be part of Phase II. At the conclusion of Phase II, it is expected that the method will be fully validated and ready for implementation on a range of structures for evaluating the human response to sonic booms as required by current industry needs. According to technology readiness levels (TRLs) guidelines, at the end of Phase II a TRL level of 6 would be achieved, i.e. system model/prototype demonstration in a relevant environment. More »

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