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Conformal Light Augmented Single Substrate Head-Mounted Display, Phase I

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Project Description

Conformal Light Augmented Single Substrate Head-Mounted Display, Phase I
To address the NASA Exploration Systems Mission Directorate (ESMD) need for space suit displays and processing cores, Physical Optics Corporation (POC) proposes to develop a new Conformal Light Augmented Single Substrate Head-Mounted Display (CLASS-HMD) for extravehicular activities (EVA), based on radiation-hardened COTS electronic components and a low-profile compact see-through head-mounted display (HMD) design. This approach incorporates compact conformal holographic projection optics instead of bulky lens system, which enables us to meet NASA EVA helmet-mounted display requirements for greater acceptance by astronauts, thus increasing their situational awareness during EVA. In Phase I, POC will demonstrate the feasibility of a space suit HMD system through system design, fabrication, and testing of key components of the system, and analysis of the performance in meeting NASA HMD requirements, as well as for commercial applications. A preliminary proof-of-concept prototype system will be developed, which will demonstrate TRL-4 by the end of Phase I. In Phase II, POC plans to develop a fully functional prototype and demonstrate a space suit HMD system. The results demonstrated will offer NASA capabilities to reduce workload on astronauts performing EVA tasks on the lunar surface. More »

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