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Regenerable Lunar Airborne Dust Filter, Phase I

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Project Description

Regenerable Lunar Airborne Dust Filter, Phase I
Effective methods are needed to control pervasive Lunar Dust within spacecraft and surface habitations. Once inside, airborne transmission is the primary mode of dispersion. Inhalation of this fine powder may pose a serious health risk. Lunar dust may cause degradation of materials, interfere with proper operation of instrumentation & controls, and may prevent formation of adequate seals. To solve this problem, we propose the development of a fully regenerable hypogravity compatible filtration system for removal of Lunar Dust from air, suitable for deployment within the Lunar Surface Access Module (LSAM) and Lunar Outpost (LO). Using microgravity and hypogravity compatible Gradient Magnetically Assisted Filtration/Fluidization Bed (GMAFB) technology, we will develop a fully regenerable Airborne Lunar Dust Filtration System. The system will minimize Equivalent System Mass (ESM) by the elimination of expendables. More »

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