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Automated, Real-Time Targeting and Guidance Software for Lunar Descent and Precision Landing, Phase I

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Project Description

Automated, Real-Time Targeting and Guidance Software for Lunar Descent and Precision Landing, Phase I
he objective of this proposal is to research, design and develop an automated real-time targeting and guidance (ARTGUID) software for precision lunar landing and descent. The software tool will be reliable, extensible, scalable and verifiable based on the complex mission-driven requirements on the Altair Lunar Lander and other landers for NASA's future exploration missions. It will provide an integrated real-time targeting, guidance, navigation and control (TGNC) capability to perform autonomous vehicle-centered operations to accomplish mission objectives. The algorithms provide a fuel-optimal powered descent and precision landing at any desirable site on the Moon. The method of technical approach is based on the revalidation, operational assessment and qualitative improvement of all Apollo-era programs. The real-time targeting and guidance operations are performed on all phases of the descent trajectory by employing exact closed-form solutions for constant thrust arcs on braking phase. Development of the real-time TGNC capability represents an innovative approach in advancing the state-of-the-art autonomous landing GNC technology. The preliminary development of the advanced targeting algorithms has demonstrated the reliability, functionality and likelihood of success of the proposed software by re-constructing the Apollo 11 and 12 post-flight lunar-descent trajectories and guidance performances. More »

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