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Space/Flight Operable Miniature Six Axis Transducer, Phase I

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Space/Flight Operable Miniature Six Axis Transducer, Phase I
New & innovative technologies are needed to support exploration of remote & presently inaccessible terrain features on Mars & enable surface & subsurface material sampling. Key among those new technologies is the ability to measure & control force & torque loads on robotic arms, tether play-out & directional systems & subsurface boring systems. Presently available multi-axis sensors do not support all of these mission requirements, particularly with respect to small size, low mass & low-temperature survivability & operation. This innovative development will produce a force/moment feedback sensor that can reliably operate in spaceflight/Mars environments that would fully support this planetary mission. FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc. has the Mars hardware development experience & industry know-how to design & develop the required compact, low mass, 6-axis multi-component cryogenic transducer. More »

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