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Aircraft Nodal Data Acquisition System (ANDAS), Phase II

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Aircraft Nodal Data Acquisition System (ANDAS), Phase II
Development of an Aircraft Nodal Data Acquisition System (ANDAS) based upon the short haul Zigbee networking standard is proposed. It employs a very thin (135 um) hybrid microminiature sensor assembly (MSA) and a host module with USB interface. At several nodes on the aircarft, MSAs are cemented for measurement. They transmit the measured data to the host module plugged into a PC. The MSA incorporates an integrated sensor (capable of measuring pressure, temperature, acceleration and surface strains), a microcontroller, a Zigbee transceiver and a battery for power. The host module incorporates a microcontroller and a Zigbee transceiver. In Phase I these modules were designed after trade-off analyses and experimental evaluation of the sensors and networking hardware. Based upon the design, the PCB packages for the MSA and the host module were built for initial characterization and testing during Phase II. In this phase the MSA design would be refined as a cement-and-forget-device (except for the battery). More »

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