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Dimensionally Stable Membrane for High Pressure Electrolyzers, Phase II

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Dimensionally Stable Membrane for High Pressure Electrolyzers, Phase II
Utilizing high strength polymers with controlled pore dimensions as a support, a customized membrane electrode assembly (MEA) can be generated for NASA's electrolyzer and fuel cell stacks that has optimized electrochemical performance with greatly improved mechanical properties enabling high pressure (>1000 psi) operation. The overall objective is to optimize DSM-based MEAs for a NASA lunar application. This will be accomplished through six tasks; 1. Extending GES's gas crossover and chemical degradation mitigation strategies to DSMs 2. Improving DSM with better ionomer; 3. Optimize the anode; 4. Optimize DSM MEAs for H2/O2 fuel cells. 5. Update GES model for electrolyzer and fuel cell performance. 6. Use model to select optimal DSM for lunar electrolyzer application and generate MEAs for full-size stack. More »

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