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A Novel Volumetric 3D Display System with Static Screen, Phase I

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A Novel Volumetric 3D Display System with Static Screen, Phase I
The physical world around us is three-dimensional (3D), yet most existing display systems with flat screens can handle only two-dimensional (2D) flat images that lack the third dimension (depth) information. This fundamental restriction greatly limits the capability of human being in perceiving and visualizing the complexity of real world objects. The primary objective of this Phase 1 SBIR is to develop a novel high-resolution volumetric 3D display system that has a static solid crystal screen. In contrast to conventional 3D visualization based on 2D flat screen, the "volumetric 3D display" we proposed herein possesses a true 3D display volume, has a 360 degree look-around group viewing capability, and allows a group of viewers to simultaneously view and analyze 3D data without wearing any special viewing goggle. It provides both physiological and psychological depth cues to human visual system to perceive 3D objects and is considered as the Holy Grail solution to 3D visualization of many NASA datasets that inherently are extremely large, complicated, and multi-dimensional. Although we successfully developed various volumetric 3D display systems in the past, most these previously developed systems generate their 3D display volume by a large size moving screen that rotates constantly at a speed of 600~1800 RPM. The structure of a moving screen dramatically complicates the design, production, use, and maintenance of the display system, making it very delicate and fragile for daily uses for NASA visualization work on earth. Due to the existence of a large moving parts, such volumetric 3D display technology is certainly not suitable for on-board uses in space missions. This SBIR program will investigate the feasibility of a technology breakthrough recently made by Xigen LLC and developed a revolutionary new concept of volumetric 3D display, which totally eliminates any moving screen. More »

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