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Zero Gravity Mass Measurement Device (ZGMMD) Parabolic Flight Test

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Zero Gravity Mass Measurement Device (ZGMMD) Parabolic Flight Test
Mass is a primary measurement for science experiments, and there are currently no devices available for use in microgravity that can accurately measure the mass of objects with relatively low mass. The Zero Gravity Mass Measurement Device (ZGMMD) provides the ability to quantify the mass of objects ranging from 1 to 100 grams in the microgravity environment. Housed in a small rectangular enclosure, ZGMMD provides for emplacement of a sample in an enclosed volume. Translational motion is induced on the sample to impart a known acceleration profile, from which the resulting force is measured and the mass of the sample is computed. The objective of the flight test is to operate the ZGMMD and test its functionality and performance in a microgravity environment, similar to its planned application in an orbiting laboratory such as ISS. Human factors operational considerations will also be tested during this flight evaluation. More »

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