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Strategic Astrophysics Technology

Advanced FUVUV/Visible Photon Counting and Ultralow Noise Detectors

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Project Description

Advanced FUVUV/Visible Photon Counting and Ultralow Noise Detectors
We will develop detectors with high efficiency and photon counting capability in the UV/Optical/NIR by combining our bandstructure engineering and high efficiency detection techniques with both CMOS imagers with in-pixel gain as well as electron multiplied CCDs and compare the performance in terms of noise, efficiency, uniformity and environmental (radiation and thermal cycling) stability. We will build on our molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) – and atomic layer deposition (ALD)-based techniques for integrated coatings and further develop and advance the TRL of silicon arrays with high efficiency in the spectral range < 200 nm; and finally we will advance the TRL of high in-band efficiency and high out of band rejection coatings by integration theses coatings with high TRL CCD detectors, measure the quantum efficiency and rejection ratio. This effort directly addresses the need for detectors as stated in the SAT call. More »

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