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Time-stepped & discrete-event simulations of electromagnetic propulsion systems, Phase I

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Time-stepped & discrete-event simulations of electromagnetic propulsion systems, Phase I
We propose to develop a new generation of electromagnetic simulation codes with mixed resolution modeling capabilities. The need for such codes arises in many fields but our initial focus will be on modeling efforts for electromagnetic-based propellantless propulsion systems. These new codes are based on three major innovations: Multi-zone simulations with variable time-step; multi-physics simulations enabling coordination of different modeling paradigms in a single code; and the first-ever discrete-event electromagnetic simulations. No existing simulation code offers these capabilities. We will initially develop the multi-zone and multi-physics features for time-stepped simulations and apply them to the design and building of prototypes for the Mini-Magnetospheric Plasma Propulsion (M2P2). We also plan to recast a simpler version of our code into a discrete-event simulation framework. This has never been attempted but has the potential to completely change the way plasma simulations are performed, with major implications for many industries. We expect Phase II research to include further development and testing of these innovations with the aim of developing a mature product. Given their potential to alter the way future simulations will be performed, we need to thoroughly test the numerical properties of the codes before moving into full software development. More »

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