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Flash 3D Rendezvous and Docking Sensor, Phase I

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Project Introduction

Flash 3D Rendezvous and Docking Sensor, Phase I
3D Flash Ladar is a breakthrough technology for many emerging and existing 3D vision areas, and sensor improvements will have an impact on nearly all these fields. In addition ASC is partnering with many strategic large companies who have the experience and the history of commercialization. The compact, low power 3D Flash Ladar sensor developed on this project will have application in areas such as: 1. Collision avoidance 2. Pedestrian Safety 3. Surveillance 4. Terrain Mapping 5. Autonomous Navigation 6. Smart intersection 7. Radar brakes 8. Robotics 9. Machine Vision 10. Hazard Material Detection and Handling 11. Underwater 3D Imaging 12. Sub Nanosecond Dynamic Imaging. More »

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This is a historic project that was completed before the creation of TechPort on October 1, 2012. Available data has been included. This record may contain less data than currently active projects.

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