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High Capacity Nano-Composite Cathodes for Human-Rated Lithium-Ion Batteries, Phase I

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High Capacity Nano-Composite Cathodes for Human-Rated Lithium-Ion Batteries, Phase I
Non-incremental improvements are necessary in lithium-ion batteries order to meet future space applications demands such as NASA's call for lithium-ion battery cathodes with specific capacity values exceeding 240mAh/g at C/2 discharge rate and 25ÂșC. Novel concepts for lithium-ion battery chemistry and/or design are therefore desired. Yardney Technical Products, Inc. proposes a development of an advanced nano-composite cathode, based on two crucial components, each performing a different vital function:  The first component, a layered non-transition oxide material will provide the matrix of the composite and ensure that the cathode voltage falls above ~4.0V.  The metallic nano-particulate domains, dispersed uniformly within the layered oxide matrix will provide the composite cathode with a potentially high specific capacity. Metallic nanoparticles are expected to form an in-situ oxide phase upon cycling in a lithium ion battery. The composite electrode material may be coated with a thin layer of carbon in order to enhance the electronic conductivity of the as-synthesized composite electrode. More »

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