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Attribute Image Map Fused 3D Web-Objects Technology and Software Toolsets, Phase I

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Attribute Image Map Fused 3D Web-Objects Technology and Software Toolsets, Phase I
NASA is seeking innovative spatial and visual methods for search analysis and display of scientific data, to aid outreaching of this data to the interested mass-users. To address this need, AGNC proposes to develop innovative Attribute Image Map Fused 3D Web-Objects (AIMFO-3DWO) technology and software toolsets, based principally on new organization of geospatial datasets that integrates topographical maps, attributive information, remotely sensed imagery and DEM into one unified data aggregate and format. The AIMFO-3DWO will bring together a fully functional Web-GIS, relational database management system (RDBMS) and image processing tool with new means of data management and manipulation, based on singular software toolset including super-compact data format that will be very effective in fused datasets distribution over networks and will make it possible to deploy PDA and even mobile phone clients. The AIMFO-3DWO will be operated by XML/GML compatible non-schema non-SQL mass-user oriented man-machine interface. The AIMFO-3DWO for the first time provides rapid network access to geospatial datasets by means of unique Geospatial Image Language and interoperable system architecture. Phase I is devoted to the AIMFO-3DWO proof-of-concept. Phase II will result in development of a fully functional AIMFO-3DWO system. More »

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