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Dual Use Packaging, Phase I

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Dual Use Packaging, Phase I
NASA seeks down-weighted packaging compatible with microwave preparation and perhaps high hydrostatic pressure processing. New packaging must satisfy NASA's 3-year storage mandate. Foil laminate containers meet NASA's oxygen, moisture and general shelf life demands; however, their weight, processing and disposal characteristic are not ideal. A previous NASA SBIR examined nanobarrier-containing packages; but these did not perform to NASA's needs. The current SBIR proposes to remove oxygen electrochemically, control moisture independent of the packaging, and also carefully selecting packaging materials to perform some second generation function. Using non-packaging-related control of oxygen and moisture allows versatile selection of primary packaging to permit packaging concepts unacceptable under NASA's existing packaging paradigm. These include edible packaging, soluble pre-weighed reconstitutable cartridges for beverages, and packages designed for compatibility with mission-grown foods. Primary food packs would be bundled in an overpack designed to remove oxygen and to manage moisture. The overpack would itself serve a secondary mission function. Overpack materials might include photovoltaic polymer sheets, light emitting plastics, or might simply serve a a waste or food storage function. Shifting oxygen and moisture control away from packaging allows package construction from much lighter material with reduced weight, processing and disposal limitations. A dialog on extravehicular food storage is proposed More »

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