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Reconfigurable L-band Radar Transceiver using Digital Signal Synthesis, Phase I

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Reconfigurable L-band Radar Transceiver using Digital Signal Synthesis, Phase I
IAI proposes to develop a reconfigurable L-band radar transceiver module. The emphasis will be to implement most of critical radar functionalities like: • Baseband modulation signals • Orthogonal high frequency pseudo random codes for pulse compression • Direct Digital synthesis (DDS) or numerically controlled oscillators (NCO) for generating RF carrier reference signal • DDS driven Frequency sweep for FMCW (Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave) radar functionality • Sigma-Delta technique to direct carrier synthesis • Received signal processing to generate I/ Q components on a single embedded platform. Such a platform will be a combination of high speed DSP and FPGA on one board. This will considerably reduce the component count and form factor for a radar transceiver design. By simply programming an FPGA with a different "bitstream" file, we can control the radar functionality as pulse modulated or frequency modulated. This work will be synergistic with ongoing efforts at IAI, which involves L-band radar design. Advantages of such a system are: ● Reconfigurable radar transceiver, not just in operational bandwidth/ carrier, but also in modulation (pulsed/ frequency swept) ● Low form factor ● Low power consumption More »

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