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A Gimbal-Stabilized Compact Hyperspectral Imaging System, Phase I

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A Gimbal-Stabilized Compact Hyperspectral Imaging System, Phase I
The Gimbal-stabilized Compact Hyperspectral Imaging System (GCHIS) fully integrates multi-sensor spectral imaging, stereovision, GPS and inertial measurement, gimbal-stabilization, and gimbal-pointing-and-tracking capabilities into a compact light weight package. Advanced adaptive Kalman filter and attitude calibration algorithms are embedded for precision inertial measurement and real-time platform stabilization/pointing control. Innovative multi-thread-coded, fully parallel execution software is implemented with the latest multi-core CPU, which makes operation of GCHIS seamless. GCHIS concurrently acquires pushbroom hyperspectral imagery and multispectral snapshot stereo pairs. It features: 1) at least a 1392 pixel swathwidth and 5nm spectral resolution in the VNIR range for hyperspectral imaging; 2) at least 1600 x 1200 frame size for four band multispectral imaging; 3) 12 bit digitization depth for all imaging components; 4) less than 20lbs complete instrument mass; and 5) 1/100 degree platform stabilization/pointing accuracy. GCHIS has a fast data rate for high resolution and large area coverage. GCHIS can deliver one-foot resolution orthorectified hyperspectral imagery and inch level resolution multispectral stereo imagery. With gimbaled stabilization and programmable pointing, GCHIS is highly resistant to air turbulence and can handle diverse flight profiles, e.g. non-linear corridors and block areas, high and low altitudes, re-visiting or repeated measurement for change detection, and etc. More »

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