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Near Infrared LIDAR for Hazard Sensing and Characterization, Phase I

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Project Description

Near Infrared LIDAR for Hazard Sensing and Characterization, Phase I
RL Associates, Inc. proposes to conduct research leading to the development of a shortwave infrared (SWIR) range-gated LIDAR system for use in detecting external obscurants and hazards. Working in conjunction with a database of optical properties for known obscurants, the system will be capable of identifying the type and severity of the hazard. While several different LIDAR ranging techniques are currently employed for airborne detection applications, the RL Associates Inc. hazard detection and mitigation system is based upon our patented range-gated technique used in our FireLidar system. This technique allows not only detection of obscurants, but can also be used to image through obscurants and thus mitigate the hazard. RL Associates Inc. is currently leading the industry in shortwave infrared (1.5 um) active imaging systems and plans to use that technology in developing the SWIR LIDAR Hazard Detection System. This system will be compact and lightweight and will operate around 1.5 um, which is safe to the human eye. More »

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