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Transcutaneous Noninvasive Device for the Responsive Delivery of Melatonin in Microgravity., Phase I

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Transcutaneous Noninvasive Device for the Responsive Delivery of Melatonin in Microgravity., Phase I
Our goal is develop a smart, transcutaneous device for individualized circadian (sleep) therapy by responsive release of melatonin, in microgravity. Additionally, this concept ?shown in figure 1?is modular and multifunctional by design. So, with minimal changes, we envision being able to use same device for the controlled release of other medicines and nutrients, in space as well as on Earth. For space-travel, a variety of countermeasures must be developed to oppose the harmful effects of longterm flights and exposures to other gravitational fields. Furthermore, each astronaut responds to a certain medicine or combination of medicines in a unique manner. Circadian disruption, or acute (chronic) degradation of sleep quality or quantity, is a known risk during space-flight. Techova will develop a unique device for the responsive delivery of melatonin, integrating (i) inherently conductive polymer-based valves, (ii) nano- and micro-structured sensors and (iii) non-invasive virtually pain-free micro-needle arrays. Our team builds upon previous research critically needed to develop this novel transdermal release device. The ability to monitor the progression of circadian (sleep) disruption and respond to the unique changes in the body chemistry of each individual (patient) offers an unprecedented opportunity to deliver specific, personalized medical care during space flight. More »

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