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Waveguide Phase Modulator for Integrated Planar Lightwave Circuits in KTP, Phase II

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Waveguide Phase Modulator for Integrated Planar Lightwave Circuits in KTP, Phase II
This SBIR Phase II effort proposes the development and integration of a Planar Lightwave Circuit (PLC) into an all fiber-based seed laser system used in high spectral resolution aerosol and cloud lidar applications. The PLC integrates a frequency doubling element, a waveguide splitter, and phase modulator into a monolithic, waveguide-based device. This technology is important for lidar systems requiring high frequency stability and accuracy. The proposed device, with the proper IR input, will generate the required visible radiation, spectrally formatted for the HSRL seed laser stabilization scheme. The PLC concept advances NASA's lidar systems due to its compact, efficient, and reliable design, thus enabling use on small aircraft and satellites. The key objective in this SBIR Phase II proposal is to develop and incorporate the PLC into a deployable, all fiber-based seed laser system for NASA-LaRC's HSRL cloud and aerosol measurements. More »

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