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Innovative CO2 Analyzer Technology for the Eddy Covariance Flux Monitor, Phase I

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Innovative CO2 Analyzer Technology for the Eddy Covariance Flux Monitor, Phase I
We propose to build and evaluate NDIR Analyzers that can observe eddy covariance flux of CO2 from unmanned airborne platforms. For both phases, a total of four analyzers are to be evaluated for their nose (ppb rms, Dry Mole Fraction) and susceptibility to artifacts on platform. We present original framework for their evaluation. It consists of expressions for their potential noises, artifacts and the functionality of their electro-optical processors on platform. Phase I begins with the construction of two innovative NDIR analyzers, one close- and the other open-path. Each is based on the industry-standard airborne analyzer made by the proposing corporation. It is solid-state, runs at 8 Hz and has negligible sensitivity to motion. We propose existing technologies to increase the electro-optical modulation frequency to 100 Hz. The rms sensitivity (ppb), the level of drying and frequency response to air will be documented. The goal is a technology having the air sampling frequency of 100 Hz, rms sensitivity of 100 ppb and negligible artifacts, the target specifications of NASA's Southern Ocean Initiative. The plan for Phase II will be to evaluate the analyzers by observations of eddy covariance flux made from unmanned and piloted aircraft above terrestrial and marine ecosystems. More »

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