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Carbon Nanotube Electron Sources for Air Purification, Phase II

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Carbon Nanotube Electron Sources for Air Purification, Phase II
The innovation proposed here focuses on cleansing air with high energy electrons. Bombardment by electrons has proven to be effective in removing a wide spectrum of chemical and biological pollutants. Electron beam systems have a significant advantage over conventional VOC and odor control technologies. The process requires less energy than other purification methods, generates no additional CO2, requires no additional reagents and does not produce any solid or hazardous waste. We propose to develop an e-beam source to meet the restrictive cost, weight and reliability requirements attendant to commercial passenger aircraft and manned space exploration. The key to this transition is to replace the thermionic cathode electron emitter with a carbon nanotube (CNT) field emission cathode. During Phase 1 we completed a design of an e-beam system suitable for maintaining air purity for an enclosed four men space station. The system is compact, light weight and will fit readily in line with an air conditioning duct. In Phase II, we will detail the design, and build a prototype of the e-beam system. That e-beam source can also be use for decontaminating small widely distributed pollution sources, such as small paint shops, gas stations, and restaurants. More »

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