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Mutlifunctional Fibers for Energy Storage in Advanced EVA Systems, Phase II

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Mutlifunctional Fibers for Energy Storage in Advanced EVA Systems, Phase II
The overall objective of the Phase II effort is to demonstrate prototype multifunctional EVA system power patches that integrate energy storage into advanced space suit systems' components (suit and pack) to increase functionality and decrease weight and volume. The program will optimize materials and plasma processes to bridge the performance gap between current fiber and planar batteries. Optimized fiber batteries will be integrated into prototypes relevant to anticipated NASA missions. Successful completion of the Phase II will lead to an engineering demonstration unit that powers a distributed sensor under conditions that are compatible with anticipated missions. Additional integrated power pack designs such as composites based on fiber batteries will be also evaluated. The lessons learned in this effort will establish guidelines for effective development and transition of future generations of MFF into EVA systems and other applications. More »

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