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Hyperspectral Imager - Tracker, Phase I

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Hyperspectral Imager - Tracker, Phase I
To address the NASA need for innovative optical technique for visualization and tracking of space vehicles during launch and landing operations, Light Prescriptions Innovators, LLC proposes to develop a Hyperspectral Imager - Tracker. The Hyperspectral Imager - Tracker architecture is based on an innovative and only recently developed concept in imaging optics. This innovative architecture will give the LPI Hyperspectral Imager - Tracker the possibility of simultaneously collecting the spectral band images (hyperspectral cube) to operate with high light-gathering power and high magnification. The innovative Adaptive Spectral Filtering algorithms will efficiently increase the contrast of low contrast scenes. In phase I LPI will analyze the device design for its spectral filtering and imaging efficiency and assemble and test a proof-of-concept prototype to demonstrate feasibility. In Phase II a full scale engineering prototype will be developed and tested. More »

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