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Miniaturized UHF, S-, and Ka-band RF MEMS Filters for Small Form Factor, High Performance EVA Radio, Phase II

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Miniaturized UHF, S-, and Ka-band RF MEMS Filters for Small Form Factor, High Performance EVA Radio, Phase II
In Phase II of this SBIR, Harmonic Devices (HDI) proposes to develop miniaturized MEMS filters at UHF, S-band and Ka-band to address the requirements of NASA's next-generation software defined EVA radio. The filters are a key enabler for this highly reconfigurable, fault tolerant, cell-phone sized EVA radio. For UHF and S-band, HDI will employ its proprietary contour-mode aluminum nitride MEMS piezoelectric resonator technology. Processed on silicon substrates, the resonators have their natural frequency defined by the lateral, in-plane dimensions of the structure. This feature enables the definition of different frequencies directly at the CAD layout level. Thus, the low insertion loss UHF and S-band filters can be monolithically integrated into a single chip. For the Ka-band, HDI will employ coaxial 3D MEMS interdigital filters that exhibit low insertion and ripple in a miniaturized form factor. Several US companies have expressed a keen interest in HDI's technology. In Phase I, HDI successfully proved the feasibility of employing the proposed UHF, S-band, and Ka-band filters in NASA's software defined EVA radio through simulation and microfabrication pilot studies. The filters can be monolithically integrated onto the same silicon substrate, resulting in substantial savings in board space. The objective of Phase II is to build the filter prototypes and deliver them to NASA for testing. The results of the Phase I feasibility study convincingly justify Phase II continuation. More »

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