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Development of a 3D Flash LADAR Video Camera for Entry, Decent, and Landing, Phase II

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Development of a 3D Flash LADAR Video Camera for Entry, Decent, and Landing, Phase II
Advanced Scientific Concepts, Inc. (ASC) has developed a 128 x 128 frame, 3D Flash LADAR video camera which produces 3-D point clouds at 30 Hz. Flash LADAR captures an entire frame of data from a single pulse of light, therefore platform motion and vibration will not affect the measurements. This is not true for any other laser-ranging system, such as scanning LIDAR. Additionally, with no moving parts, the system is smaller, lighter, and requires less power than traditional approaches. The Phase I project used an ASC camera at the JPL mars yard to gather test data. Hazard Identification, and Entry Decent and Landing applications were investigated. These data sets were taken and delivered to JPL. The analysis demonstrates that a Flash LADAR system can resolve landing hazards and is suitable as an EDL sensor. This data, together with inputs from JPL scientists, was used to develop a brassboard camera concept for NASA applications. The optimized camera will be fabricated and delivered in Phase II. This sensor will not be spaced qualified, but the Hi-Reliabilty module developed for phase II will be the first step. Space qualification will be the next necessary step for Flash LADAR. More »

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